Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I did say I use marijuana, and that if I had it, it would be a nice replacement for Abilify. And yes, I have it. But I need it legalized because buying it right now is extremely difficult for me. My access to sources has been very inconsistent for the past 3 years because I'm simply bad at dealing with dealers. Look for it on the streets and I get burnt by shady, scamming trash. Look for it in higher society and get ignored for seeming like a narc.

A nice headshop where the god damn customer is always right would be a breath of fresh air.

As of now, I'm barely getting by, living off of a small stash that I've kept alive since I started using. If marijuana was as easy to get as DXM, I'd probably back off from using DXM every 2-3 days to maybe once a week, who knows.

Maybe I should ditch this country for a career of selling weed in The Netherlands. Should I bother with college...?

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