Saturday, March 13, 2010


After reading a few more books on the history of drugs and whatnot, I feel like trying to list all the reasons why prohibition is still in place. These are the main things we need to change (I think):

-A general moral disgust with "undeserved" pleasure, mostly coming from religion but also maybe from capitalism/competitiveness. The appearance of (and actual) laziness that drugs can cause doesn't seem too popular, it's one of the 7 deadly sins for christ's sake.
-The belief that society would be torn apart if all drugs (or even just marijuana) became legal. Complete legalization really is a complicated thing to think about, but this belief that "people these days have no self control with drugs" is usually firm in the minds of people who don't know much about drugs. Most of these people have been raised on the often flat out lies of government prevention programs. People need to be educated, not lied to.
-The pharmaceutical industry. Synthetic drugs can be patented, plants cannot. This is usually associated with legalizing marijuana (since it is a huge cash crop), but having freely distributed opium tinctures and coca paste on the shelves wouldn't be too great for their business either. I bet the idea of psychedelic therapy with psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, etc. scares them as well.
-Government corruption. I really don't know too much about this, but it includes racism, police corruption (selling confiscated drugs back to the streets), political conspiracy, and all that.

The first two are issues that can be dealt with by argument and education (but would take long to make real change), while the other two seem quickly changeable, but more out of reach. And of course these aren't the only issues out there, they just seem the most important to me.

Speaking of me, I'm still trying to get Klonopin, and I really think alcoholism is in my future if I don't get it. I wouldn't mind being some kind of martyr though. I see drugs as tools to reach happiness, and that kind of use is socially unacceptable for ridiculous reasons. Fuck you tight-ass witch-burning puritans, I'm just trying to be happy too.

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