Wednesday, January 20, 2010


After seeing a new therapist (the first one I've seen with not just a degree in social work), I've been given the possible diagnosis of ADD and have been put on Adderal 30mg. My current focus is finding an antidepressant to treat my social anxiety and depression, having tried Lexapro and seeing that it didn't work (and I'm pretty sure Prozac wasn't doing much, if anything at all). I think I might be moving on from SSRIs into mood stabilizers and other drugs, and I may go back on Klonopin as I feel that I really need it (at least PRN).

Now I'm just sitting at home being bored and being haunted by fits of irritability and depression. Fun stuff. I've had 5 years of treatment and I've barely gotten anywhere. Maybe you could say I've gotten worse, with my mental disorders evolving into others. I'd say that all I've gotten from my past days of treatment was a highschool diploma.

The current issue is finding the right med. If I had a few doses of every single drug in existance with medical potential laid out in front of me, I think I'd be a little more optimistic about where I'm headed.


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