Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've just realized how much caffeine can help me. For some reason I've been looking at it as a dirty, synthetic drug that everybody else uses. But now that I think about it, since a huge amount of people use it daily and have healthy lives, it's also been an herbal-type drug for centuries.

I've been avoiding it altogether probably because I've been putting it in the same category as alcohol and tobacco...those legal drugs.

And let's not forget how my parents wouldn't even let me buy caffeine pills! Bleh, they were authoritarian motherfuckers. They censored websites about drugs and all that.

I even remember one of my many psychiatrists/therapists not recommending it and saying it's a quick fix. What the fuck, man? I'm constantly seeing statistics that say around 70-90% of Americans use caffeine every day.

One big thing keeping me away from it was the anxiety it can cause. But I think I could apply my theory of "getting used to marijuana" to caffeine as well.

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