Friday, October 9, 2009


Of course I'm on DXM, shutup! Anyway, yeah, I'm back. DXM definitely helps me write this blog. Irony? I'unno.

Wow, creativity is addictive, ain't it? Looks like I found a new mental disorder, but since drugs are illegal and this isn't an official study, I don't get shit.
Imagine me homeless on my campus or something. "I discovered a new mental disorder with my addiction, professor, got some spare change?".

But yeah, DXM has definitely increased my creativity in the past, as well as now. I've got like 3 notebooks with my thoughts and doodles in them. A famous concept of mine: The Week Clock! It even tells you when I drew it! What a contrabulous fabtraption (props to The Simpsons)! Go ahead and make lots of money off the idea.

Oh, and my posting times are off by like 4 hours or something, I don't know why.

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