Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creativity IV

That seemed a lot like acid (at least from what I've read). Wow. Maybe that amount of DXM is what gets me there.

Anyway, the "perfect" and "normal" happiness thing. Normal happiness would probably be the constitutional right to happiness they say we all deserve. But I've found perfect happiness. And I found it through a drug that could also possibly get me closer to normal happiness.
I'm a recreational drug user who needs a recreational drug as a medicine. Can I have it?

I don't want to swear off my recreational drug use (as opposed to medical use), it's not an addiction. It's a hobby. I get bored. It wouldn't be that dangerous if I had some safer stuff to work with (some kind of opiate!).
Yeah, they're addictive. But I think I'm mature enough to not abuse them.
And marijuana? Come on...

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