Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Repealing Prohibition

Ok, let's get back on track. Some arguments for legalizing all drugs.

  • Victimless crime - Using a drug in private is a victimless crime. And if it's harming you, you should still have the freedom to do it; it's not illegal to sit at home and constantly pound your head with a hammer.

  • Cognitive liberty - I should be able to be in any state of mind I want to be in. This includes when driving, flying an airplane, or doing surgery. Problems like intoxicated driving or being high on the job should be dealt with directly instead of focusing on the drugs. Some people can do complicated things while high. Think of a smart person dumbing himself down a bit to do average work. Now think of some dumb person doing the same thing, being dumbed down even more to do terrible work with more risk of making mistakes. The smart person is fine (if you like average work), while the dumb person should be fired.
    I'll admit drunk driving is a little more straightforward though.

  • Business - I hear marijuana is a great cash crop. I also hear there's a lot of money being wasted on the War on Drugs. Tick-tock.

  • The black market - For the most part, it would be gone. Money would be diverted from criminals to businessmen. What's worse, chaotic murder or capitalism? No, that's not a trick question.

  • Easier to study drugs with medical potential - Scheduled drugs are harder to access for studying. I can see so much potential in a lot of them. At least give researchers more rights.

  • Spirituality and personal benefit - Some drugs can fulfill people spiritually as well as improve their lives (fixing problems that aren't medical, but still personally beneficial).

  • Racism - Drug laws are used to oppress minorities. Look it up.

Even if you throw all these arguments out the window, you'd still have a government program with a ridiculous base and history. More on that later.

Aww, look at those. They don't look so bad, do thy? Not the spawn of the devil. They're actually kinda cute.

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