Saturday, October 24, 2009

Medical Marijuana

Most people have no fucking clue what medical marijuana is about. I just had a recent epiphany of seeing how it treats anxiety disorders: it's a complete "personality makeover" type thing! Many people complain that marijuana makes them more anxious, and they're right. But after getting used to this different perspective, usually after smoking weed for a drawn out period of time, you're personality turns into something a little bit more socially adept. Marijuana-caused anxiety is a lot easier to get used to than the extremely deep-rooted anxiety disorders in the DSM-IV. And once you're over the top, you begin to see a new world. You've actually changed parts of who you are.

The government must have a problem with people being able to change their personality so fast. They need to profile them to keep them in control. I think this is what a lot of people saw in the 60's.

But it'll save lives. With suicide rates increasing (usually extremely smart kids who have had enough of the shitty school environment), we're losing a lot of good people. I see the benefits of medical marijuana showing themselves 20-30 years from now.

It's worth the investment, mista prez. Oh, and it'll help me too.

Speaking of me, this epiphany has made me very happy and I'm looking into medical marijuana. And I'm not afraid to fucking say it. Come and get me, you old, conservative, closedminded, chauvinistic, racist, control-freak pieces of shit.
If there's any type of violence pot has caused, it's political.

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