Monday, October 5, 2009

Whites, Rap, and Dealers

Rap used to be about the reality of what was happening in urban America. The "Golden Era" involved a lot of politics, showing the fucked up conditions that many blacks were (and still are) in.

What happened? Whites started looking at being black as cool. White teenagers everywhere tuned in to the image of the black drug dealer. Record labels saw a great way to make money, selling this image.

What do we have now? A bunch of Whites buying rap music, dancing to it at frat parties and driving around banging it out their windows. And is it an accurate portrayal of Black culture? No, it's a fucking packaged stereotype.

Whites having a stereotypical view of Blacks is bad enough, but Blacks themselves are starting to buy into it. The Golden Era is definitely over...

Every weed dealer I've come across in my life was in some shape or form a wigger. What happened to the hippie stoners? The dealers that weren't obsessed with violence, hooking people to their drugs, and knocking up as many women as possible?
They were snuffed out in the 60's, thanks to prohibition. Does this look like a good trade?

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